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100%; open (2006) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic perception and Synaesthesia: evidence from colour and photism naming in a Stroop-Negative Priming task , Cortex

100%; open (2011) Find in CUMINCAD Top-down Approach to Embed Design Expertise in Parametric Objects for the Automatic Generation of a Building Service Core , Paper presented at the CAAD Futures

100%; open (2011) Find in CUMINCAD A Design Pattern Meta Model for Systems Engineering , 18th International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC 2011), 2011

100%; open Ablameyko, S. (et al.) (1993) Find in CUMINCAD A System for Automatic Vectorization and Interpretation of Graphic Images , Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Vol 3.

100%; open Agrawal, R.; Gehrke, J.; Gunopulos, D.; Raghavan, P. (1998) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic subspace clustering of high dimensional data for data mining applications , Proc. ACM SIGMOD, 94–105

100%; open Ahmed, S, Liwicki, M, Weber, M and Dengel, A (2011) Find in CUMINCAD Improved Automatic Analysis of Architectural Floor Plans , International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR-2011)

100%; open Ahmed, S, Weber, M, Liwicki, M, Langenhan, C, Dengel, A and Petzold, F (2013) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic Analysis and Sketch-Based Retrieval of Architectural Floor Plans , Pattern Recognition Letters, 35, pp. 91-100

100%; open Ahmed, S (2012) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic room detection and room labeling from architectural floor plans. in Document Analysis Systems , 10th IAPR International Workshop on. 2012. IEEE

100%; open Akaike, H. (1974) Find in CUMINCAD A new look at the statistical model identification , IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 19, pp.716-723

100%; open Aldefeld, B. (1983) Find in CUMINCAD On Automatic Recognition of 3D structures from 2D Representations , Computer Aided Design, vol.15 No.2, pp.59-64, Mar 1983

100%; open Aldefeld, B. (1983) Find in CUMINCAD On automatic recognition of 3D structures from 2D representations , Computer-Aided Design 15(2) , pp. 59-64

100%; open Amirante, M. Isabella & Burattini, Ernesto (1996) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic procedures for bio-climatic control , Education for Practice. Proceedings of the 14th eCAADe Conference, Lund, Sweden, 12-14 September, ed. J. Klercker, 29-40

100%; open Ando Y and Kimura H. (2011) Find in CUMINCAD An automatic piping algorithm including elbows and bends , Proceedings of international conference on computer applications in shipbuilding 2011 (ICCAS2011), Trieste, 20–22 September 2011, vol. 3, pp. 153–158. London: RINA

100%; open Antσn, D., Medjdoub, B., Shrahily, R., & Moyano, J. (2018) Find in CUMINCAD Accuracy evaluation of the semi-automatic 3D modeling for historical building information models , International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 12(5), 790-805

100%; open Apostolopoulos, Dimitrios, Hagen Schempf, and Jay West (1996) Find in CUMINCAD Mobile Robot for Automatic Installation of Floor Tiles , Proceedings of 1996 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, vol. 4. Minneapolis, MN: ICRA. 3652–3657.

100%; open Armstrong C., Tam T., Robinson D. et al. (1991) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic generation of well structured meshes using medial axis and surface subdivision , Adv Design Automat; 32: 136–146

100%; open ARTHAUD, G. & LOMBARDO, J. C. (2006) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic semantic comparison of STEP product models - Application to IFC product models , VAN LEEUWEN, J. P. & TIMMERMANS, H. J. P. (Eds.) Innovations in design and decision support systems in architecture and urban planning. Dordrecht, Kluwer

100%; open Asayama, S. and Mae, T. (2004) Find in CUMINCAD Fractal Truss Structure and Automatic Form Generation Using Iterated Function System , Proceeding of ICCCBE-X; Weimar

100%; open Aschwanden, G, Haegler, S, Halatsch, J, Jecker, J, Schmitt, G, Van Gool, L (2009) Find in CUMINCAD Evaluation of 3D city models using automatic placed urban Agents , Proceedings of the 9th Conference of Construction Applications of Virtual Reality, Sydney, Australia

100%; open Asmara A and Nienhuis U. (2006) Find in CUMINCAD Automatic piping system in ship , Proceedings of COMPIT ’06 (ed Grimmelius HT), Oegstgeest, 8–10 May 2006, pp. 269–279. Middelburg: IMarEST Benelux

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