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_id acadia17_146
id acadia17_146
authors Black, Conor; Forwood, Ed
year 2017
title Game Engine Computation for Serious Engineering: Visualisation and Analysis of Building Facade Movements as a Consequence of Loads on the Primary Structure
source ACADIA 2017: DISCIPLINES & DISRUPTION [Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) ISBN 978-0-692-96506-1] Cambridge, MA 2-4 November, 2017), pp. 146-153
summary This paper demonstrates the innovative use of game engines as a tool in the analysis and communication of complex structural engineering. It specifically looks at the relationship between a building’s primary structure and its façade. The analysis and visualisations, scripted using the Game Engine Unity3D, focuses on visualising the implications of movements from the primary structure [under various load cases] on the façade. This paper describes the novel process by which Unity3D is utilised to create an applet which imports displacements from structural software and post-processes the data to visualise the complex effect on façade panels according to its support conditions. It demonstrates that visualising facade movements in real-time, as opposed to current, static report-based descriptions, provide access for the comprehension of more complex building systems. This therefore has the possibility to reduce safety factors applied to facade movement joints.
keywords design methods; information processing; game engines; fabrication; simulation & optimization
series ACADIA
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