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authors Lalovic, Ksenija and Djukanovic, Zoran
year 2003
title Possibilities of applying the E-government management concept in Serbian cities
source CORP 2003, Vienna University of Technology, 25.2.-28.2.2003 [Proceedings on CD-Rom]
summary Recent urban transformations worldwide consequentially lead to the numerous environmental problems that have to be solved bycomplex structure of social interest groups which have to be included in that process. This demands initiated requisitioning andmodification of concepts and methodologies of planning and managing urban development. At this moment there are differentmodels used in world wide practice, but main bases of new methods and techniques are the same. Leaving the idea of possibility ofconstituting the universal urban planning model lead to very productive results in developing the disciplinary methodologies. Processof transformation of traditional comprehensive urban planning model to integrated procedural pluralistic model (based on sustainabledevelopment principles) is something that can be underlined as a main characteristic of disciplinary development. The questions ofdecision making mechanisms and plans implementation are put in axes of conceptual and methodological considerations. Urbanplanning loses the classic form of making the multi level comprehensive urban plans with exact spatial and time horizon. It means, ingeneral that planning and managing of urban development is aiming to be realistic, decentralized, strategic and problem oriented,arbitrary, not instructive, but understood as a efficient and effective process.Operational support to the this kind of approach are Decision Support IT tools, such as GIS - Geographical Information Systems orES -Expert Systems. Usability of IT tools is based on their capability to perform fast and complicated processing of spatial data andon their flexibility towards specific real problems which are to be solved. In order to use maximum of capabilities of these tools inpractice problem solving it is necessary to adjust their structure and usage to the: - actual conditions of socioeconomic of the contextin which urban development planning and management is performed, - practical demands that managing of urban development has tofore fill, - all participants in urban management process, - institutional mechanisms and procedures.
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