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_id ga9814
id ga9814
authors Gatarski, Richard
year 1998
title Evolutionary Banners, exploring a generative design approach
source International Conference on Generative Art
summary This working paper reports pre-mature findings from an ongoing research project that uses Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to automate the design of objects in the World Wide Web (WWW). Digital communications technology has on the business side been conceptualized as electronic commerce (E-commerce). Digitization implies a new cost structure for message design, test and implementation. One important problem regards the use and effectiveness of different means for E-commerce market communications. The purpose with the research presented here is to experiment with a particular use of GAs in E-commerce retailing. It is not to look for an optimal algorithm or fine-tune its parameters. This paper contributes with findings and a discussion of a new E-commerce possibility evolutionary banner design The scientific aim is to explore the value of such an approach. As well as identify important issues. In a soon-to-be-realized implementation, the commercial aim will be to increase the sales volume for a specific product. In a sense the evolutionary banner works as an artificial art director. Still, a human director is needed to design the banner organism, its genetic code and related parameters. And of course to develop more creative uses of the approach presented below.
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