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_id ascaad2016_010
id ascaad2016_010
authors Harnomo Fajar I.; Aswin Indraprastha
year 2016
title Computational Weaving Grammar of Traditional Woven Pattern
source Parametricism Vs. Materialism: Evolution of Digital Technologies for Development [8th ASCAAD Conference Proceedings ISBN 978-0-9955691-0-2] London (United Kingdom) 7-8 November 2016, pp. 75-84
summary Weaving technique is one of the indigenous craftsmanship practices that are common in most of ethnic groups in Indonesia. Generally, it uses thin strips of organic material such as bamboo or rattan to make plane of surface that further can be developed into daily utensils or as a traditional architectural building components such as partition wall and floor. The research of weaving grammar as a system and process had been introduced and explored using Shape Grammar theory and principles. Having the potential implementation and to preserve the traditional weaving method, the grammar can be explored as a method of exploration in architectural design by extending the computation method based on the visual embedding of its pattern languages. The aim of the study is to discover the geometrical configuration underlied traditional weaving grammar by reconfiguring and elaborating procedures and further develop generative method using computational approach. We focused on the exploration of single and dual patterns of biaxial types of West Java woven pattern by using shape grammar principles. The result shows computational method is constructed by several rules which are defined as generative procedure. The result advised that traditional woven pattern has similarity according to its ruled-based system of generative algorithm.
series ASCAAD
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