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authors Huangb, X., Gub, P. and Zernickea, R.
year 1996
title Localization and comparison of two free-form surfaces
source Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 28 (12) (1996) pp. 1017-1022
summary Comparison of two free-form surfaces based on discrete data points is of paramount importance for reverse engineering. It can be used to assess the accuracy of the reconstructed surfaces and to quantify thedifference between two such surfaces. The entire process involves three main steps: data acquisition, 3D feature localization and quantitative comparison. This paper presents models and algorithms for 3D featurelocalization and quantitative comparison. Complex free-form surfaces are represented by bicubic parametric spline surfaces using discrete points. A simple yet effective pseudoinverse algorithm was developed andimplemented for localization. It consists of two iterative operations, namely, constructing a pseudo transformation matrix and point matching. A computing algorithm was developed to compare two such surfacesusing optimization techniques. Since this approach does not involve solving non-linear equations for the parameters of positions and orientations, it is fast and robust. The algorithm was implemented and testedwith several examples. It is effective and can be used in industry for sculptured surface comparison.
keywords Free-Form Sculptured Surface, Localization, Point Matching, Surface Comparison
series journal paper
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