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_id sigradi2011_144
id sigradi2011_144
authors Salive Puyana, Maria Clara; Parra Agudelo, Leonardo
year 2011
title Devenir en la Red: Reflexiones en torno a la experiencia estética hipertextual móvil [Dévenir the Web: Considerations encircling the mobile and hypertextual aesthetic experience]
source SIGraDi 2011 [Proceedings of the 15th Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics] Argentina - Santa Fe 16-18 November 2011, pp. 313-316
summary How to stop and look inside the hectic rhythm of a number of stimulus superimposed by modern major cities? Where is the aesthetic experience going when the passer-by wanders the web, and the problems of the voyage and body are to be devised again, within the contemporary society? This paper stems from these and other questions, regarding the transformation of the aesthetic experience by new media, that makes impervious the direct experience of the other, and the city; but at the same time unlocks a democratic identity construction opportunity, through a new perceptive and cognitive space, framed within the possibilities offered by a disembodied voyage.
keywords Dispositivos móviles; experiencia estética; hipertextualidad; desterritorialización
series SIGRADI
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