CumInCAD is a Cumulative Index about publications in Computer Aided Architectural Design
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authors Van Wyk, C.G. Skip
year 1987
title CAAD Usage: Now and When At OSU
source Integrating Computers into the Architectural Curriculum [ACADIA Conference Proceedings] Raleigh (North Carolina / USA) 1987, pp. 121-134
summary In February of this year the Department of Architecture at The Ohio State University began a study to determine existing and long-term needs and expectations regarding the use of computers in teaching, research, administration, and service. The results of the study are to aid in two broad planning objectives: (1) facility, hardware, and software acquisition; and (2) curriculum enhancement, faculty and staff development, and support services (i.e., consultants, lab monitors, etc.).

An interview technique was developed to address three main concerns: (1) how computers are and should be utilized in areas--i.e., research, course preparation, lecture delivery, computer-aided instruction, grading and monitoring, and student exercises; (2) what kinds of applications are and should be utilized--i.e., word processing, statistics, graphics, drafting, modeling, audio-visual, database, etc.; and (3) what problems or concerns stand in the way of achieving the desired levels of computer usage.

The twenty-three full-time faculty surveyed (96% participation) represent 65 curriculum courses varying in format from design studio and labs to lecture. This paper outlines the methods of the study and presents the findings via graphs of current and desired computer usage by both area and application along with a graphic summary of statistics and trends. Also presented are a summary of root problems and concerns noted during the interview process and conclusions and limitations of study.

series ACADIA
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CumInCAD is a Cumulative Index about publications in Computer Aided Architectural Design
supported by the sibling associations ACADIA, CAADRIA, eCAADe, SIGraDi, ASCAAD and CAAD futures

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